Calling All Referrals and Brokers: Join the Ascent Team for a World-Class Experience

At Ascent Business Capital, we pride ourselves on working with the best and brightest when it comes to our Referral and Broker Program. We are a company that understands the importance of teamwork and transparency. When you work with Ascent, you will experience high-quality and productive relationships, favorable commissions and referral fees (no matter the project size), reciprocal referrals, and fee disclosures on commitment letters as well as prompt payment at closing, providing protection and security for all brokers and referrals. Beyond the basics for referrals and brokers, Ascent is a fair employer that offers numerous advantages to all employees.

Working at Ascent

As a national company, Ascent has open sales positions across the United States. These positions are both lucrative and beneficial for many reasons, but primarily because we understand how your success and happiness contribute to our success and longevity. Here, at Ascent, we offer:

  • Vast lending capabilities with quick turnaround times
  • Superior commissions
  • Various financing programs to suit all client types and sizes
  • Flexible working schedules and environments for optimal work-life balance
  • Training and assistance to ensure you reach your career goals

Knowing if You’re the Right Fit

No matter where you come from or what your strengths are, Ascent is interested in your development. Do you have previous sales experience? Are you highly motivated? We want individuals who are confident in their abilities, but who are also humble and able to handle inevitable rejection. We are in need of charismatic people who don’t let the stress of the job interfere with the positive work environment we have created. You need to be a self-starter, able to complete assigned tasks without being micromanaged. Additionally, we need people who are funny, informed, and organized to develop and build client relationships. If any of these traits or qualities sound like they describe you, then you are precisely the individual for whom we are looking.

If you are interested in a corporate culture that is dedicated to your success, then Ascent Business Capital is the place for you. Call us today to find out more about our Referral and Broker Program.