Financing Your Franchise Venture

At Ascent Business Capital, we understand the desire to buy into an established brand and an existing market. For that reason, we offer franchise financing that will help you in the process of purchasing real estate, remodels, equipment, funding new construction, of acquiring an established business. Also, as we understand the time constraints around any business decision, we have a pre-qualification franchise loan process that is quick and easy and comes with no promise of commitment.

The Advantages of Our Franchise Program

As we want to see your business goals come to fruition, our franchise loan program comes with the same dependable and secure service as all our loans. Additionally, funding through our specialty program has many other benefits:

  • Fast approval and closing
  • No penalties for early repayment
  • Low interest rates
  • Maximum 90 percent LTV
  • Maximum 25-year term limit
  • Available for first-time business owners

Contact Us for Immediate Support

Whether you are an experienced business professional, a current business owner looking to expand, or a first-time owner-operator, Ascent Business Capital is here to help. Stop dreaming about opening your own business and make it a reality through the purchase of a franchise. Buy into an established market and consumer base. Call one of our representatives and find out whether our franchise financing is right for you.