Build Your Business and Help Consumers Afford Your Services with Consumer Financing

Here at Ascent Business Capital, we understand the need for every business to have financing options, and this goes beyond commercial expenses. For a company to thrive and flourish, it needs to be approachable and affordable for your customer base; consumer finance helps with this goal. We aim to assist your business in the establishment of a consumer credit card program, allowing you to increase your customer base, establish brand awareness and encourage repeat business.

What We Offer

As your financing partner, we can ensure consistent and dependable services of your customer accounts. Your clients do not need to wade through a lengthy approval process. Most consumers will receive a response in minutes. Additionally, we offer training, customer support, and even take responsibility for collecting bad debt. Let us help you extend your brand exposure and provide flexibility to your customers.

Consumer Benefits

Your customers will appreciate the financing offered through Ascent because it allows for convenience, security, and lessens immediate financial strain. Most patrons will enjoy the many benefits consumer financing offers:

  • Streamlined application
  • Revolving credit
  • Secure account services
  • Distribution of payments

If consumer finance is something you’re interested in applying to your business, don’t hesitate to call Ascent Business Capital. Our representatives are available to answer all your questions while providing a free analysis with no-obligations.