Finance the Equipment You Need To Provide Better Care, Without Breaking the Bank

Whether you aspire to start your own healthcare practice, you want to expand an existing practice, or you need to update your practice’s medical equipment, you’re looking at spending a significant amount of money at the onset. If you cannot comfortably afford to fund your goals out of pocket, you may want to consider healthcare financing. At Ascent Business Capital, we offer several different financing options designed to help healthcare professionals meet their goals.

Working Capital

This type of loan can be used in any way that you please as long as it’s used to fund the enrichment of your medial practice. The benefits of utilizing this type of financing are as follows:

  • Upfront payments are not necessary
  • Terms can be as long as 72 months
  • We do not report loans to the personal credit bureau

Medical Equipment Leasing

Medical equipment leasing is the most popular type of healthcare financing, as medical equipment is costly. If you need a lease and a loan, we can accommodate you.

Debt Consolidation

It’s not uncommon for healthcare providers to have multiple loans. If you’re tired of juggling your finances, consider consolidating your debt with us so that you only have to worry about one low monthly payment.

Practice Acquisitions

Sometimes expansion means acquiring another practice. If you plan to acquire another clinic or merge yours with an existing facility, talk to us about practice acquisition loans.

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